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Teradata Workload Management
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October 2021
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Trends for the following metrics can be displayed.
Metric Description
Burn rate Percentage of the overall system capacity that was effectively consumed by all queries during their execution
Gating efficiency Percentage indicating the overall query duration time spent executing versus being delayed. A value of 100% indicates all time was spent executing.
Impact CPU Impact of jobs on the system taking CPU skew into account. The value is equal to the sum of the highest CPU time in seconds consumed by any one AMP on behalf of a job or query multiplied by the number of AMPs.
Max spool Maximum amount of temporary spool space used by any one query, using a 1024 byte kilobyte as the base
Query counts Total number of logged queries
Suspect queries Number of queries designated as suspect based on thresholds set in the Query Log data collector
System utilization Percentage of the system's CPU seconds that was utilized by logged queries
Time active Amount of time in seconds that was recorded as utilized by logged queries. Excludes any time queries were delayed before execution.
Time delay Amount of time in seconds that queries were delayed before being executed
Time expansion Ratio of how long queries took to execute versus the ideal execution time. The larger the number, the more the execution time of the query was expanded. For example, a value of 10x to indicates an expansion of 10 times the ideal execution time.
Total AMP CPU Total amount of CPU consumed by AMPs in processing queries
Total I/O Total number of I/O requests
Total parser CPU Total amount of CPU consumed by the parsing engine in processing queries