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October 2021
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The details view displays information about the selected job. This view can be accessed by clicking a job in the summary view or in the history view.

  • Job Type
  • Job Category
  • Actions
    • Run Job allows you to manually start a job.
    • View Job History provides a view of previous runs of this job.
Job Information
  • Status - The status of the job.
  • Start time - The time the job started running.
  • Stop time - The time that the job stopped running.
  • Duration - The amount of time the job took to run.
  • Total row count - The number of rows collected in the reporting database across all tables as a part of this job.
Filters allow you to change displayed data by showing only rows that match your filter criteria.
Table Actions
  • Clear Filters removes any content in the filter boxes.
  • Configure Columns allows you to choose the columns to display.
  • Export creates a .csv file containing all available data. If filters are used, only filtered data is exported.

For more information, see Summary Table Controls.

Summary Table
Displays information about each table loaded in the job.
The Table Details tab displays information about each table loaded in the job, including its start time, duration, status, and row count.
The SQL Log tab displays the list of SQL statements that were executed for that job. You can click a row to display details about the SQL statement execution.