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Use the shared portlets feature to make a customized or preconfigured version of a Teradata Viewpoint portlet available to other users. When a shared portlet is created, all the settings you selected when you customized the portlet are used.

Any user can customize a shareable portlet and submit it for sharing. Depending on your Teradata Viewpoint system configuration, the portlet is not available to authorized users until the Teradata Viewpoint Administrator approves the request. Only the Teradata Viewpoint Administrator can delete the shared portlet entirely. If deleted, existing instances of a shared portlet are removed from the user's page.

The shared portlets feature allows you to:
  • Share customized views of a Teradata Viewpoint portlet with other users.
  • Create different configurations of a portlet for different roles.
  • Assign a preconfigured portlet to a role as a default instance of the portlet.
  • Assign a name and description to the preconfigured portlet.

The portlet name and description appears under the SHARED PORTLETS category on the Add Content screen. This category only appears when at least one shared portlet is enabled for the user who is logged on.