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October 2021
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The Teradata® Viewpoint portal is a framework where web-based applications, known as portlets, are displayed. IT professionals and business users can customize their portlets to manage and monitor their Teradata systems using a web browser.

Portlets enable users across an enterprise to customize tasks and display options to their specific business needs. You can view current data, run queries, and make timely business decisions, reducing the database administrator workload by allowing you to manage your work independently. Portlets are added to a portal page using the Add Content screen. The Teradata Viewpoint Administrator configures access to portlets based on your role.

Supported Web Browsers for Viewpoint Portal

Browser Minimum Version
Microsoft Edge 41.16299.967.0
Mozilla Firefox 72.0.1
Internet Explorer 11
Google Chrome 79.0.3945.130
Safari 12.1.1

Supported Web Browsers for Viewpoint Mobile

Browser Minimum Version
Google Chrome for Android 70.0.3538.102
Safari for iOS 9.3.5