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October 2021
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The My Queries portlet allows you to view and manage your queries across multiple Teradata Database systems and in Teradata QueryGrid. You can see if queries are queued or blocked, and you can see their impact on system resources.

Use the My Queries portlet to view information about queries in either the summary view or the details view. The summary view contains a table with one row allocated to each of the sessions logged on under one or more user names. Select a row in the summary view to see additional session and query information in the details view. Use the SQL, Explain, Blocked By, or Query Band tab in the details view to display information for the selected session.

The Settings view allows you to select Teradata Database systems and accounts to monitor, and select a format for the SQL that appears in the query details view.

If JWT integration with Vantage is enabled (versions and later), you will not be prompted to log in. A Disconnect option is not available. You cannot enter alternate credentials.
Support for TASM ARM is available for Advanced SQL Engine versions 17.10 and later.