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October 2021
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The collect job collects statistics that have been automated. A collect list is an ordered list of COLLECT STATISTICS statements used by a collect job.

When you create a collect job, you:
  • Specify the database objects to be used to generate the collect list.

    When you specify the objects whose automated statistics are collected by the job, you can use existing object lists and custom object lists. An object list is a list of database objects used for a job scope. An existing list is a custom list from another job or a list created outside of the Stats Manager portlet.

  • Specify if you want the collect list to be generated manually or automatically.

    When a collect list is automatically generated, it orders the COLLECT STATISTICS statements according to system-determined and user-specified importance. When a collect list is generated manually, you can specify a custom collect list that is either for the next collect only or for all collections in the future.

  • Specify when and how long the job will run. You can set the collection time frame, recurrence, and duration.

    Consider scheduling collect jobs when it does not negatively impact production workloads, such as at night or during the weekends to avoid peak hours when the system is busiest.