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October 2021
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In conjunction with the Stats Manager portlet, you can use other Viewpoint portlets to support statistics management.

Workload Designer
You can use the Workload Designer portlet to regulate the resource usage from COLLECT STATISTICS statements. From the Classification tab for a workload, filter, or throttle, add a Query Characteristics criteria type, and select the COLLECT STATISTICS statement type. This statement type is available in Teradata Database 14.10 and later.
Metric Heatmap
Before running resource-intensive jobs in the Stats Manager portlet, you can use the Metric Heatmap portlet to find hours in the day where system resources are not fully used. Use the Stats Manager portlet to schedule jobs to run during those hours.
Query Monitor
You can track the sessions used for statistics jobs using the Query Monitor portlet. All jobs that run in the Stats Manager portlet use the login that is specified when configuring the Stats Manager collector in the Monitored Systems portlet. If this login is reserved only for use by the Stats Manager portlet, you can use this unique identifier to see which sessions are associated with statistics jobs. Also, the name of the job and job type appear in the query band information for the session in the Query Monitor portlet.