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Several portlets require you to log in to the database to take actions such as aborting a query or session, changing a workload, changing a priority, or releasing a query from the delay queue.

Database login information is used with your session and is retained until your current Viewpoint session ends.

The login dialog box fields are listed below.

Field Name Description
Username Database user ID.
Password Database password.
Account String Characteristics for profile member sessions in the database. An account string identifies which account is charged for the space used by the user and session and may include a priority-level Performance Group prefix code which establishes the session priority.
Authentication Mechanism Method of identifying an account to the database. Options might include TD2 or LDAP. If an authentication mechanism is not selected, the login uses the default authentication mechanism for the database.
Character Set Character set the system uses to communicate with the database. If not defined, Teradata Viewpoint uses Teradata system settings.