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October 2021
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In SLES 11, you can create virtual partitions and use them to manage workload resource allocations. The IWM system has no options for virtual partitions.
  1. Edit or create a ruleset.
  2. From the ruleset toolbar, click Workloads.
  3. Click the Virtual Partitions tab.
  4. Next to Virtual Partitions, click .
  5. Enter a name.
  6. Click outside the name.
  7. Drag a workload to a virtual partition to assign the workload to the virtual partition.
    A workload can exist in only one virtual partition.
  8. Click Save.
  9. [Optional] To delete a virtual partition, do the following:
    You must move workloads to other virtual partitions before you can delete a partition.
    1. Next to the virtual partition name, click .
    2. Click Save.