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Administration Portlets

The Teradata Viewpoint administration portlets allow the Teradata Viewpoint Administrator to provide access to Teradata Viewpoint resources and information.

You can access these portlets from the Teradata Viewpoint portal page if your role has permission.
Alert Setup
Configure the alert delivery settings and actions.
Configure the backup of Teradata Viewpointserver data.
Manage trusted certificate authorities and HTTPS certificates.
Configure Teradata Viewpoint settings.
LDAP Servers
Configure the LDAP servers for Teradata Viewpoint to authenticate users and assign user roles.
Monitored Systems
Add the systems and configure the data collectors that provide data to portlets. You also can add and configure a managed system available to display in the Viewpoint Monitoring portlet.
Portlet Library
View the installed portlets and specify which portlets can be enabled.
Query Group Setup
Manage the sets of queries available to users in the Query Groups and Application Queries portlets. Can also be used to define the criteria that associate a query with a particular application in the Query Log portlet.
Roles Manager
Manage roles and specify the level of access users are given.
Shared Pages
Manage shared pages and how they are viewed by users.
User Manager
Manage user accounts and assign users to roles.

Security and Permissions

The Teradata Viewpoint administration portlets allow the Teradata Viewpoint Administrator to control portlet access at different levels by setting permissions for Teradata Viewpoint users.
Enable or disable access to portlets globally using Portlet Library. This setting takes precedence over all other portlet permission levels.
Assign permissions to classes of users called roles using the Roles Manager portlet. Each tab controls access to features.
Assign available roles to users and set role precedence using User Manager portlet. Roles assigned higher priority take precedence over lower-priority roles.