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October 2021
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Workload health is described using a set of icons and predefined states. Health states are listed in the default sort order.

Health states are determined by comparing the measured query response time with the expected response time and percent SLG metrics.

Icon Text Color State Description
Red Missed SLG Workload missed its response-time SLG for a period of time.
Time periods for enforcement priorities in SLES 10 or lower:
  • Tactical: last minute
  • Priority: last 30 minutes
  • Normal and Background: last 60 minutes
Time periods for tier/access levels in SLES 11:
  • Tactical: last minute
  • SLG Tiers: last 30 minutes
  • Timeshare: last 60 minutes
Black Met SLG Workload met its enforcement priority SLGs in SLES 10 or lower, or tier/access level SLGs in SLES 11.
Black No SLG No response time or percent SLGs have been set for this workload.
Gray No Data No data is available for this workload.
Gray Disabled Workload has been disabled.
Gray Inactive Workload is inactive.