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October 2021
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The heatmap view displays a heatmap of variations and trends in system resource usage. The heatmap plots days on the horizontal axis and hours along the vertical axis. Customize the view using the menus, toolbar, and date-range slider to select metrics and date ranges.

The following list describes the features in this view:
Selection Menus
Shows the selections that define the metric currently being displayed. You can change the metric by changing the selections.
Contains the time frame list. Select a time frame from the list to change the graph. The time frame start and end dates are displayed on the toolbar next to the time frame buttons. You can use the Display and threshold buttons to define how the cells are shaded. Export creates a .csv file containing selected data.
Date-Range Slider
Controls the amount of historical data displayed in the view and adjusts to display from 7 days to approximately 4 months of historical data. Dates outside the date-range slider timeline are shaded lighter. The darker-shaded area between the slider handles represents the current date range being displayed.
Contains data about an hour on a specific date in the heatmap. Hover over any cell to display an information balloon containing the date, hour, and metric value for the 1-hour block.
Work Week and Shift Indicator
Highlights times when most users are normally accessing system resources with a box around the work week and work shift hours. Specify work day and shift hours using the Settings view.