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October 2021
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The Node Monitor portlet enables you to monitor nodes on Teradata Aster and Teradata Hadoop systems and queens and workers in Teradata Machine Learning Engine.

For a Teradata Aster system, the portlet displays the operation and status of worker, loader, and queen nodes, as well as the amount of data stored on the node. You can view details such as status and type for each node on the system. Hardware statistics, including CPU and Memory, are available for selected time intervals.

For Teradata Machine Learning Engine, you can view CPU and network traffic information at the pod level.

For a Teradata Hadoop system, you can view node-level metrics, available Hadoop components (Hortonworks and Cloudera), and the status of components for each node on the system. You can view hardware statistics details such as CPU usage, memory usage, and network activity, as well as detailed service component and JVM metrics for the HDFS and YARN (HDP 2.1 and later) or MapReduce (HDP 1.3) services.