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October 2021
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You can tap on any row in the queries summary table in the Queries view to see Query Details views. When you drill down, an Overview view is displayed. Other views may be available, depending on the kind of Teradata system and the nature and state of the query. If other details views are available, you can view them by swiping left and right or using the arrow keys at the top. The query details views include:

Overview view
Provides detailed information about key metrics for the selected session and its queries.
SQL view
Displays the SQL for the selected query.
Explain view
Displays an abbreviated version of the Step statistics and Explain text that result from an Explain request in a SQL session.
Skew view
Displays details about the level of skew in the query or session.
Query Band view
Displays the profile, session, and transaction query bands for the selected query.
Blocked By view
Identifies the other queries blocking the selected query.
Blocking view
Indicates the number of sessions the selected session is blocking, and the significance and impact of the blocking.
Delay view
Displays details about all rules that are delaying a query.