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Workload Designer can generate alerts for either an event or an exception.
  • Events can be:
    • Planned or scheduled, such as a weekend time period begins
    • Unplanned, such as a node going down
  • Exceptions are generated when a query exceeds some user-defined threshold.

TDWM generates the alerts using the DBCMNGR.AlertRequest table, using the same mapping as the Alert Request data collector. The contents of the jobName, message, and description columns are specified by the TDWM software.

The table below illustrates the mapping.

Teradata Alerts SNMP Fields Value TDWM-Specific Contents
alertId 0 (unused)  
alertName AlertRequest.jobName TDWM: HostID=hostId, SesNum=sessionNumber, ReqNum=requestNumber
source Viewpoint  
systemName Teradata system for which the Alert Request data collector is configured  
severity Low  
details The message or description, as configured in the default SNMP delivery settings:
  • message = AlertRequest.message
  • conditions = AlertRequest.description
Message for exception:

TDWM: WD worlkloadName encountered exception 'exceptionName' which resulted in 'action'

Message for event:

TDWM: Expression 'eventName'' was triggered

Description for exception:

TDWM: WDId: workloadId, ExceededCriteria type=type

Description for exception: