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In the following example, LDAP Value represents the distinguished name (DN) of a group. When Type is Group, the Group Attribute Name field is used for mapping and represents the group attribute where the user DN is stored.

This example assigns users to a Teradata Viewpoint role based on membership in an LDAP group with the following structure:

dn: cn=DBAs,ou=Groups,dc=teradata,dc=com
uniqueMember: cn=User2,ou=Users,dc=teradata,dc=com

To map User2 to the Teradata Viewpoint role Administrator, create the following role mapping:

  1. Type ou=Groups,dc=teradata,dc=com in the Group Search Base field.
  2. Type uniqueMember in the Group Attribute Name field.
  3. Set Type to Group.
  4. Type the LDAP Value cn=DBAs,ou=Groups,dc=teradata,dc=com.
  5. Set Viewpoint Role to Administrator.