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October 2021
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The Overview tab for Teradata Hadoop namenode component displays detailed HDFS information about HDFS capacity, files and directories, and blocks in the Hadoop cluster. The namenode Overview tab is accessed by clicking the NAMENODE row under Components Info.

HDFS Capacity

Capacity Description
Used Capacity currently used by HDFS
Non-DFS Used Space on the datanodes that is used by files that are not part of DFS
Remaining Space on the datanodes that is not currently in use
Total Total capacity available on the datanodes

HDFS Files and Directories

Files + Directories Description
Total The total number of files and directories in HDFS

HDFS Blocks

Blocks Description
Total Total number of blocks
Under-replicated Number of blocks that do not meet their target replication for the file they belong to
Missing Number of blocks with no replicas anywhere in the cluster
Pending Deletion Number of blocks waiting for deletion
Pending Replication Number of blocks waiting to be replicated