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Use the Teradata Viewpoint Data Collection Service (DCS) to monitor systems. After a system has been configured in Teradata Viewpoint, data collectors can be configured to monitor the system. Data collectors gather information from different sources and make the data available to Teradata Viewpoint portlets. Each data collector has a sample rate, or frequency, used to collect data from the system and an initial retention policy used to keep the collected data for a time period or up to a certain size.

Most data collectors have similar behaviors as described in the data collector catalog, but a few are unique:
  • Elastic Usage can automatically upload usage data to Teradata ServiceConnect.
  • Query Log collects DBQL data in order to display database usage by users and applications, as well as suspect queries.
  • Sessions collects SQL and Explain data when thresholds are met in the session.
  • Sessions defines values to use when a Lower Priority action executes for an alert in the session.
  • System Config provides critical system data to portlets and other collectors, so it cannot be disabled.