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October 2021
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The System Health details view displays detailed statistics and information about each metric to evaluate the overall health of a system. If the Teradata Viewpoint Administrator defines metrics as View Only, these metrics are displayed with a gray background and are not used in determining system health.

Lists the names of the monitored metrics, using color to indicate metric health. Displays metric descriptions when you hover over the name.
You can click the following metrics to access further details when at least one component is down or when one service is in a bad or concerning state:
  • Components Down (HDP)
  • Services Bad (CDH)
  • Services Concerning (CDH)
Status Icons
Show the status of the metrics:
  • represents metrics that are defined as View Only
  • represents metrics that reached a critical state
  • represents metrics that are degraded
Metrics that are configured by the Teradata Viewpoint Administrator as View Only are not used in determining system health.
Shows the metric value at the last system sampling.
Shows the current metric value in terms of degraded and critical thresholds, indicated by gaps in the bar. Displays threshold values and default or custom tooltips when you hover over the bar.

The at the end of some bar graphs indicates an unbounded metric, which has numerical values with no upper limit. The is red when the unbounded metric value exceeds 1.1 times the critical threshold.

Last nn Minutes
Displays a sparkline with the trend in metric values over the interval selected in the Settings view in the System Health portlet of 15, 30, or 60 minutes.