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In Teradata Viewpoint, users are assigned roles to organize and control their access to portlets, metrics, and features. You can use the Roles Manager portlet to assign permissions to the roles. When configuring an authentication server for Teradata Viewpoint, you can automatically assign Viewpoint roles through auto-provisioning or role mapping.

Auto-provisioning assigns the same roles to all users the first time they access Teradata Viewpoint. You cannot use auto-provisioning to add or remove roles on subsequent logins.

Role mapping assigns roles to each user based on the user's authentication server group membership or LDAP attributes. Use role mapping to do the following:
  • Assign roles for a new user
  • Add roles that were assigned to the user since the last user login
  • Remove roles that were removed since the last user login

Only roles already defined using the Roles Manager portlet can be mapped. The Teradata Viewpoint Administrator can change a role at any time using the Roles Manager portlet.