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October 2021
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The Workload Designer view shows summary information about rulesets for a system or model system. The Working, Ready, and Active sections contain the following options:
Names and descriptions of rulesets that are being edited. If a ruleset is locked by someone else, you have fewer options than if you are the ruleset owner. In Working, you can create and import rulesets. Rulesets in Ready can be copied to Working for editing. Rulesets in Working can also appear in Ready and Active.
Rulesets that have been saved to the Teradata system, but are not active. A ruleset must be in Ready before it is copied to Active. The Active ruleset cannot be deleted from Ready.
Active ruleset on the Teradata system. The only option available in the options list, if you have permissions, is to deactivate the ruleset.

Ruleset background color indicates synchronization between the Working and Ready sections. Gray in both sections indicates that the same version of the ruleset is in both sections. Blue indicates that the ruleset has been modified in the Working section since it was last saved to the Ready section.

TASM ruleset migration is performed automatically during the Teradata Database upgrade.