17.10 - Generating Recommendations - Teradata Viewpoint - Teradata Workload Management

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October 2021
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User Guide
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  1. Click the System Monitoring tab.
  2. Click and select Monitoring Settings.
  3. Enter credentials that have rights to access all maps and objects on the system.
    Credential Description
    Username Enter the username with permissions.
    Password Enter the associated password.
    [Optional] Account String Enter the account string.
    Authentication Mechanism Select an option.
  4. [Optional] Click the Analysis Schedule tab.
    1. Complete the schedule to indicate the repeat pattern, time, and day.
    2. Click Save.
    MAPS Manager has a default analysis schedule. Change the schedule to suit your needs.
  5. After the analysis runs or to manually generate recommendations, click , then select Generate Recommendations.
    You only need to set up System Monitoring once. In the future, select Generate Recommendations any time to receive recommendations.