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The Run a Program arguments box supports a special ${***} token representing all properties associated with the alert. This includes the common properties for all alert types, regardless of the alert source, as well as any application domain-specific properties, such as the database and Teradata Server Management alerts.

Each property is assigned an individual command line argument of the form name=value. For example, suppose you define program arguments (on the Action Set screen) like this: myAlertTest ${***}. If your program is subsequently executed for a Viewpoint database space alert, it receives arguments similar to this:
argv[1]: myAlertTest
argv[2]: cam:alertId=123
argv[3]: cam:alertName=dbspace80
argv[4]: cam:alertType=databaseSpace
argv[5]: cam:source=Viewpoint
argv[6]: cam:timestamp=2013-09-05T12:00:00.000-04:00
argv[7]: cam:severity=MEDIUM
argv[8]: cam:systemName=devhost
argv[9]: cam:tdpid=devhost
argv[10]: cam:description=(${maxSpaceUsedPct} > 80.0)
argv[11]: cam:message=Teradata alert for hr_db
argv[12]: databaseName=hr_db
argv[13]: spaceUsedPct=74.512
argv[14]: maxSpaceUsedPct=80.678
argv[15]: currentSpool=0.0
argv[16]: peakSpool=596.0