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Secure Zones, available in Teradata Database 15.10 and later, allows you to create one or more separate and exclusive database hierarchies, called zones, within a single Teradata system. A database user with the required database privileges can create and administer Secure Zones on a Teradata system, outside of Viewpoint. For more information, see Teradata® Database Security Administration.

In Viewpoint, user access to monitoring data from Secure Zones is configured using Viewpoint roles. The Teradata Viewpoint Administrator can grant access to a Secure Zone for a role so data from that Secure Zone is available to users in the role. A role can be given access to view data from multiple zones on one or more systems.

Monitoring data from Secure Zones is restricted in the following portlets:
  • Application Queries
  • Lock Viewer
  • Query Groups
  • Query Log
  • Query Monitor
  • Query Spotlight
  • Space Usage

For the Viewpoint Dashboard and Viewpoint Mobile, the Queries view inherits the Secure Zones that are set for the Query Monitor portlet.

N/A displays if the system does not support Secure Zones or if the system supports Secure Zones, but no zones have been configured.

If there are zones and the role has been granted access to specific zones, and the Dictionary collector has been enabled, the Secure Zones button displays x of y, representing the number of zones enabled out of the total possible.