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Retryable and Data-Related Errors

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Teradata® Vantage - Database Retryable and Data-Related Errors

Retryable errors are errors that stop query processing, but which allow the current queries to be resubmitted. For example, if the system load or table locks prevent a query from completing within a given timeout period, Teradata Database generates a retryable error, and the query can be resubmitted at a later time. Data-related errors are errors that happen during, or as a direct result of, a data-related operation. For example, an error resulting from a bad argument for the SQRT function, a precision loss during expression evaluation, or data constraint violation errors. SYSLIB.DBSRetryableErrors and SYSLIB.DBSDataRelatedErrors are system views that list Teradata Database retryable and data-related errors, respectively. These views are created by the DIPDEM script, which is executed by DIP during Teradata Database installation. Query these views to get a list of retryable and data-related errors in the current Teradata Database release. Note: Because these views refer to internal table UDFs, you must have a C compiler on at least one node of your Teradata Database.