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Teradata Vantageā„¢ Cloud Service Description: AWS

Teradata Vantage on AWS
February 2021
Cloud Service Description
Connectivity Features
VPN Gateway
  • One virtual private network (VPN) connection
  • Standard connection speed up to 5 Gbps, subject to AWS published data rates for an AWS-managed VPN gateway
VPC Connectivity
  • AWS Transit Gateway (TGW) is supported by using VPN attachments
  • AWS PrivateLink is supported by an endpoint in a customer VPC
  • AWS Direct Connect connections are supported by a virtual network interface (VNI)
  • Up to 10 Gbps available based on AWS Partner Network (APN) capabilities in a geographic region
AWS Transit Gateway (TGW)
  • Customers must deploy the TGW in their account
  • Teradata will invoice the customer for reasonable, region-specific charges to process TGW traffic
  • The customer uses a network transit hub to interconnect the VPCs and on-prem networks
  • For quotas or bandwidth details see: