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Teradata Vantageā„¢ Cloud Service Description: AWS

Teradata Vantage on AWS
February 2021
Cloud Service Description
Feature Description Availability
DR System Service-Level Agreement
Availability Service Level Agreement (SLA) The availability SLA applies to an active Vantage DR system for the Advanced SQL Engine only 99.9%
Recovery Point Objective Perform and replicate backups to meet the desired RPO Customer-determined
Recovery Time Objective Maximum target design RTO 1 week
Connectivity Features
VPN Port Up to 5 Gbps (when DR Vantage system is in use, during annual DR test or actual DR event), subject to AWS published data rates for an AWS-managed VPN gateway Included
VPC Connectivity Configure with one or more customer accounts for an active Vantage DR system Included
Data Domain Replication Requires a minimum 1 GbE network connection for backup replication Customer-supplied
Self-Service Interfaces
Service Portal Submit incidents and other requests Included
Console Monitor and manage systems, users, and tickets, and monitor replication status Included