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Teradata SQL Assistant for Microsoft Windows User Guide

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This section includes information about the following:

  • Setting Default File Paths
  • Using Page Setup
  • Using Print Preview
  • The following steps explain the available options under the General tab and how to control basic program behavior by setting options.

    1 Select Tools > Options.

    2 Click the General tab.

    3 Select from the options shown in Table 9.


    Table 9: Options Dialog Box, General Tab 



    Allow connections to multiple data sources (Query windows)

    Select this box to allow SQL Assistant to connect more than one data source. The Connect icon remains active. The default for this setting is cleared.

    Allow multiple queries per connection (Tabs in a query window)

    Allows multiple query tabs to be opened within a Query window.

    With this option selected, the New Query command opens a new tab in the current Query Window.

    The default for this setting is selected.

    Print the related SQL when printing an Answerset

    Select this option to print the SQL statement that is associated with the Answerset to be printed.

    Note: The SQL statement does not display in the Print Preview window but is printed.

    Provide extended support for screen readers

    Select this option if you are visually impaired and you use a screen reader. This causes your screen reader to announce the contents of the Answerset and History cells as you move from one cell to another.

    The default for this setting is cleared.

    Use a separate Answer window for

  • Each Resultsetopens a new Answer window for each new result set
  • Each Queryopens a new Answer window for each new query, but uses tabs within this window if the query returns multiple result sets
    This is the default setting.
  • Neverdirects all query results to display in a single tabbed Answer window
  • Application Style

    This option changes the look and feel of SQL Assistant. Select from Office2000, Office2003, OfficeBlue, OfficeBlack, OfficeSilver, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8. The Office<color> items will imitate Office2010. The default is OfficeBlue.

    Base Font Size

    Changes the size of the fonts used in the main window and all dialog boxes. Select between Standard, Larger, and Largest.