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Adding, Removing, Renaming, or Resetting a Toolbar

1 From the Tools menu, click Customize.

The Customize dialog box opens and the toolbars tab is on top.


Table 48: Adding, Deleting, Renaming and Resetting a Toolbar 


Do the following...

Add a new toolbar

1 Click New.

2 In the New Toolbar dialog box, type the name of the new toolbar.

Delete an existing toolbar

1 Select the toolbar you want to delete from the toolbars box.

2 Click Delete in the Delete Toolbar dialog box.

Note: You cannot delete the default toolbars named Toolbar.

Rename a toolbar

1 Click Rename.

2 In the Rename Toolbar dialog box, type a new name.

Note: You cannot rename the default toolbars named Toolbar.

Reset a toolbar

1 Click Reset.

2 In the Reset Toolbar dialog box, select Original State or Last Loaded State.

Note: You can only reset the default toolbars.

2 Click Close.

Note: To add commands to a toolbar, see “Adding a Command to a Menu or Toolbar” on page 172.