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Replacing a Text String in the Query Window

Replace any text string in the Query Window with another.

1 With the Query Window active, do one of the following:

  • From the Query Window toolbar, click .
  • Select Edit > Replace from the menu bar.
  • Press Ctrl+H.
  • 2 Enter the desired text string in the Find what field. If you want to build a regular expression, you can access predefined strings by clicking the solid arrow to the right of this field and selecting the expression you want inserted.

    3 Enter the desired replacement text string in the Replace with field.

    4 Select from the following:

  • Whole word only – finds text only where the whole word matches the search string
  • Match case – finds text that only matches the case of the search string
  • Search selected text only – restricts the search to the currently selected block
  • Search hidden text – searches within hidden [collapsed] text also
  • Regular Expression – searches for strings that match a regular expression
  • Use Wildcards – Allows the use of wildcard characters:
    ? – any single character
    * – any number of characters
    # – any single digit
    [xyz] – any one character in the set
    [!xyz] – any one character not in the set
  • 5 Select from the following:

  • Click Find Next to find and select the string.
  • Click Replace to replace the found string, or to find the next matching string if the string has not yet been found.
  • Click Replace All to replace all strings matching the find criteria.
  • 6 Click Close to close the dialog.