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Teradata SQL Assistant for Microsoft Windows User Guide

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The Answerset window contains one or more tabs. Each tab displays either a spreadsheet or textual output that represents the results from an executed statement. You can sort the output in a number of ways and print as bitmaps in spreadsheet format. Individual cells, rows, columns, or blocks of columns can be formatted to change the background and foreground color as well as the font style, name, and size. You can make other modifications such as displaying or hiding gridlines and column headers.

The table can be resized by stretching the Answerset window using standard Windows sizing techniques. Individual columns, groups of columns, rows, or groups of rows can also be sized.

Output rows can be viewed as they are being retrieved from the database.

Following is an example of an Answerset window:

You can set an option to prevent existing Answerset windows from being automatically closed when you submit a new query. For more information, see “Setting Answerset Options” on page 120.

You can save Answerset output to a file. For more information, see “Saving an Answerset to a File” on page 114.