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The History window is a table that displays your past queries and related processing attributes. The past queries and processing attributes are stored locally in a Microsoft Access 2000 database. This allows the flexibility to work with previous SQL statements in the future.

Following is an example of a History window:

Clicking any cell in the SQL Statement column in the History window copies the SQL to the Query Window.

You can display or hide the History window at any time.

For more information on additional options, see “Setting History Window Options” on page 146.

The most recently executed statement appears as the first row in the History window. The data can be sorted locally after it has been loaded into the History window. New entries are added as the first row of history no matter what sort order has been applied. For more information on sorting, see “Sorting the History Records” on page 143.

You can review all the information connected to a query in the Edit History dialog box. This dialog box also allows you to edit the query text, the attached notes, and the result message. For additional information on this dialog box, see “Displaying and Navigating the Edit History Dialog Box” on page 148.