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SQL Statements

When you select the SQL Statements option, the statement list in the left pane shows each of the statement types available on the current data source. The syntax file name matches the database type with a file type of .syn. For example, the Teradata syntax file is Teradata.syn.

SQL examples are quick and easy to use. In many cases, using these statements eliminates the need for the database manual. Syntax is provided in working form, not syntax notation, for ease of use. Select a statement that best fits your requirements and insert it into the Query Window. You can then tailor it to your needs.

These syntax examples reflect the SQL syntax of the data source you are currently connected to. If you are not connected to any server, syntax is based on the server you were most recently connected to. If you have not connected to any server during the current Teradata SQL Assistant session, you get Teradata syntax by default.