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ODBC Specific Limitations


  • Batch Import functionality is not available.
  • The Edit Table function is not available.
  • Time fields do not display fractional seconds or Time Zone information.
  • Decimal values with more than 28 digits might display incorrectly.
  • Retrieving Interval data or vendor specific types might limit the functionality of the resultset as follows:
  • Decimal data might display 'n' decimal places ('n' is the value for Float data in Options).
  • Date columns might be displayed as Timestamps and might not use your selected format.
  • BLOB/CLOB columns might be displayed as regular BYTE/CHAR data.
  • Teradata

  • CLOBs can only be returned using the UTF-16 Session Character Set (unless < 2K).
  • Only type 'F' User Defined Functions are listed in the Database Explorer Tree.
  • FLOAT columns might be reported as 'TIME' in the Database Explorer Tree if they have a Format clause that looks like a time, for example, '99:99:99'.
  • If a macro (or execute parallel) returns zero rows from a Select statement, no rows are returned from any later Select statements in that macro or parallel query.
  • The location of Syntax errors are not highlighted.
  • DB2

    In order to return BLOBs and CLOBs correctly you must either set LongDataCompat=1 in the db2cli.ini file or use Define ODBC Data Source dialog box to set this option in the Data Source itself.

    1 Open the Define ODBC Data Source dialog box and select the data source and click Configure.

    2 Click Add on the Advanced tab and select LongDataCompat from the list.

    3 Select the As LongVarchar data option.


  • Procedure and Function parameters are not displayed in the Database Explorer Tree.
  • Retrieval of INTERVAL or other 'unknown' types causes the ODBC driver to crash.
  • .NET cuts off the first byte when selecting columns defined as RAW(n). This renders the binary object useless. Define the columns as BLOB instead.
  • PostgreSQL

    Import only works if all columns can be converted to CHAR type. PostgreSQL has no ability to convert a string to a numeric, for example.


    You must use MySQL Connect/ODBC 3.51.27, not 5.1.5. (Future versions might remove this limitation.) The older 5.1.x ODBC drivers do not return catalog information (tables and columns, for example).