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Connecting to .NET for Oracle

For more information on defining .NET data sources, see “Defining a .NET Data Provider for Oracle Data Source” on page 28.

1 Use the Provider drop down menu to select Oracle.NET.

2 Do one of the following:

  • Select Tools > Connect.
  • On the toolbar click .
  • The Oracle .NET Connection Information dialog box opens.

    3 Select the data source and enter the applicable information.

    When Connected to an Oracle .NET Data Source

    The following list details what occurs when a connection is established with a Oracle .NET data source:

  • Decimal columns with more than 28 digits might be displayed as <Error>.
  • The correct case for Database/User names (generally Uppercase) must be used.
    This applies to the Connection dialog box, when adding Databases to the Explorer tree, or when enclosing object names within double quotes.
  • Create Procedure statements must end with a semicolon.
    These statements create, but not compile, the procedure. The procedure must be compiled before it can be executed.