2.06 - Improvements - Teradata QueryGrid

Teradata® QueryGrid™ Release Definition

Teradata QueryGrid
September 2018
Release Notes


  • Updated information for driver and fabric crash and start error reporting
  • The support archive has the following improvements:
    • Allows node logs to be exported for a specific time range
    • Collects logs based on initiator query ID
    • Collects logs by component or system
    • Allows node logs to be exported for a specific node
  • QueryGrid Manager log ingestion redesigned to handle high workloads and faster indexing.

QueryGrid Fabric

  • The QueryGrid fabric link diagnostics has the following improvements:
    • Failure message indicates failing target and peer nodes and hostnames
    • Pings local peer nodes in addition to remote nodes
  • Improved error propagation of root cause errors for QueryGrid fabric and connectors.
  • Shared memory optimization for read and write channels in the fabric.
  • Watchdog ignores benign Unix signals.

Teradata Connector

  • Removed Create View during the metadata phase.
  • Added QueryBand in pass-through and schema discovery queries.

Hive Connector

  • Added a return TEZ error message when TEZ job fails
  • Hive connector upgrades from prior releases must configure User Mapping for all X2H links if security is not configured.
  • Added an application ID to error messages.

Spark Connector

  • Removed the QueryName connector property.