2.06 - New Features - Teradata QueryGrid

Teradata® QueryGrid™ Release Definition

Teradata QueryGrid
September 2018
Release Notes

The following are new features that enhance the operation of Teradata QueryGrid (QueryGrid)


  • Supports Teradata Database 16.20 Feature Update 1
  • All QueryGrid 2.0 connectors properties now support configuring driver connection cache

QueryGrid Fabric

  • New fabric property to enable socket KEEP_ALIVE
  • The default value for the fabric property deletedEntryTimeoutInSec increased to 10 minutes
  • New fabric property to tune shared memory EOF response timeout
  • New fabric property to tune open connection retry

Oracle Connector

  • New QueryGrid 2.0x target connector for Oracle

Teradata Connector

  • Structured UDT support (requires Teradata Database 16.20 Feature Update 1)
  • Non-default database port
  • Log levels

Presto Connector

  • Presto 203t
  • New connector property to control 16.20+ LOB support
  • Presto 195t
  • Unified connector for 167t, 189t, and 195t as a single package
  • Multiple Kerberos realms

Spark Connector

  • New connector properties:
    • Control 16.20+ LOB Support
    • Disable Predicate Pushdown
    • Collect Approximate Activity Count
  • Teradata UDT data types
  • Compression for target export
  • Column projections with unsupported columns
  • RETURN clauses