2.06 - Resolved Issues - Teradata QueryGrid

Teradata® QueryGrid™ Release Definition

Teradata QueryGrid
September 2018
Release Notes

Resolved issues are corrections to Teradata QueryGrid, including related documentation.

Teradata QueryGrid consists of the following resolved issues:
Issue Description
QUERYGRID-5865 P2S: SHOW TABLES FROM remote database failed to return correct result
QUERYGRID-8304 T2S: array(map), map and row are returned as varchar(16000) instead of varchar(32000)
QUERYGRID-8319 T2H/T2S: Import with predicate failed to return correct result when data contains a single quote
QUERYGRID-8398 Bridge: Bandwidth check fails for link with bridge and mix of driver and non-driver target nodes
QUERYGRID-8425 QGM saves support archive bundle in "/opt/teradata/tdqgm/" if file name specified without path
QUERYGRID-8494 T2S: does not honor spark.task.maxFailures = 1
QUERYGRID-8556 T2P: Field order is not maintained after import of struct of array/map of struct
QUERYGRID-8654 system-properties.sh: trailing spaces are not trimmed from property names
QUERYGRID-8659 P2T: Import with BETWEEN predicate on string types fails
QUERYGRID-8729 QGM: Error running the support-archive command to get node logs with start time or end time referencing time zone ahead of UTC
QUERYGRID-8735 T2S: SELECT timestamp loses decimal precision beyond milliseconds
QUERYGRID-8736 Colocated Bridge: Bandwidth Test produces incorrect results
QUERYGRID-8769 Colocated Bridge: Data loss in collocated bridge configuration when all TPA nodes are bridge nodes
QUERYGRID-8791 QGM: Incorrect number of online nodes reported in fabric when using bridge that is subset of nodes
QUERYGRID-8804 QGL: export request leaks connections from target nodes to next hop
QUERYGRID-8821 P2T: Export of array type throws error "UDT transform to internal format failed"
QUERYGRID-8846 T2O: Import of 2GB CLOB unicode data (2GB character length) fails
QUERYGRID-8891 Teradata Connector: initiator log prints phase name instead of log message
QUERYGRID-8942 Bridge: first hop communication policy is used on the final hop
QUERYGRID-8943 QGL: fabric consumes high CPU when a network poll error is encountered
QUERYGRID-8950 T2T: Error "A duplicate name was found in the QUERY_BAND." when initiator has query band with PROXYUSER
QUERYGRID-8979 T2H,T2P,T2S: export of ARRAY UDT failed when the default string size is greater than 64000 bytes
QUERYGRID-9019 QGM: join cluster using token fails with "Error: 401"
QUERYGRID-9070 QGM: Repeated log messages from Cassandra driver in tdqg-boot.log
QUERYGRID-9074 X2S(2.2+): SELECT query returns incorrect timestamp if timestamp data < 1970
QUERYGRID-9076 Presto Install doesn't clean up file properly causing logging to fail on presto-admin node when new package is installed
QUERYGRID-9079 T2O: HELP FOREIGN TABLE on a VIEW may return columns in a different order than table
QUERYGRID-9088 Oracle: unable to set port for Oracle connector outside of 1521–2500 range
QUERYGRID-9170 P2T: Import of Array UDT gives non-meaningful error message
QUERYGRID-9171 QGM: NullPointerException when updating Link
Teradata QueryGrid 2.06 consists of the following resolved issues:
Issue Description
QUERYGRID-7659 Metadata request failed after configuration update
QUERYGRID-7954 S2X: unable to abort query
QUERYGRID-8210 S2X: QGIException class not found on spark-shell when there is an error on executor
QUERYGRID-8259 T2T: Error message not displayed when importing an unsupported SUDT type
QUERYGRID-8307 T2P: Struct of array/map of struct returns incorrect results
QUERYGRID-8404 P2P: With Remote Presto 0.189t+ insert into map(char(X),char(X)) fails with "Value cannot be cast to map(char(100),char(100))" when inserting key/value has trailing whitespace
QUERYGRID-8413 QGL: ImportMeta : ShmData::initializeShm: Argument logic error, monitorBufSize too big
QUERYGRID-8419 Presto Initiator: Error message lost on dataexec channel for export
QUERYGRID-8433 T2T: UUID not printed when error occurs during FFE request
QUERYGRID-8482 T2T: 16.10+ DBS with nested query with same table in both queries causes shared memory and memory to be leaked
QUERYGRID-8531 QGM: OutOfMemoryError due to backlog of QueryDetails
QUERYGRID-8535 Driver crashed after modifying queryConcurrency to 50 and running 25 concurrent session
QUERYGRID-8551 QGL: Memory leak caused by not freeing the connector errors
QUERYGRID-8554 QGL: Old query metrics reported in fabric heartbeats
QUERYGRID-8584 QGL: QGLMain core dumps on multiple nodes
QUERYGRID-8588 Spark: connector property "Collect Approximate Activity Count" appears twice in Viewpoint "Select Connector Properties" page
QUERYGRID-8589 T2X: explain query with UDT throws an error columns/parameter does not exist
QUERYGRID-8594 QGL: Bridge only - NullPointer reference when socket read timeout logs error message
QUERYGRID-8598 Spark: Description for Collect Approximate Activity Count property has a typo
QUERYGRID-8608 T2T( - TD16.20.16.01): Export clause query with unsupported UDT type is failing with "Segmentation Violation in AMP: Please do not resubmit the last request"
QUERYGRID-8631 QGL Bridge: Null pointer reference in socket cleanup process
QUERYGRID-8649 QGL: Link Bandwidth and Diagnostic test failures when only a subset of system nodes are configured as bridge nodes
QUERYGRID-8653 libqgngudsmessagesjni*.so files build up in /tmp directory
QUERYGRID-8686 QGL: 'connectionTimeout' change via QGM system properties script will not be effective without restarting the fabric
QUERYGRID-8687 QGL: query is not aborted after failed decompress
QUERYGRID-8698 H2T: incorrect date result returned(1 day back) if date column in where clause
QUERYGRID-8702 Connector Diagnostic Check fails with "Driver unreachable by fabric on node" but does not report any error detail
QUERYGRID-8733 QGL: QGLExportTask not cleaning up in some exception handling flow
QUERYGRID-8750 QGL: Bridge only - bridge clean up task executed by multiple threads
QUERYGRID-8778 QGL: Crash in QGCImportTask::handleException
QUERYGRID-8794 QGL: ResourceMgr is getting into a deadlock state while retrieving active query metric entries
QUERYGRID-8855 X2T: Select from period column on target TD <16.20.12 causes Segv on target with restart