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June 2021
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Resolved issues track corrections and updates to Teradata Tools and Utilities software and to documentation affected by the updates.

Issue Description
TDS-378 If multiple statements are separated by a semicolon (;) and at least one statement contains a LOB column retrieval, the driver returns an error.
TDS-379 If a value is specified as NULL in SQLBindParameter for data of type SQL_C_DOUBLE or SQL_C_FLOAT, the database returns an error.
TDS-382 The driver incorrectly trims trailing spaces in strings.
TDS-384 If a catalog name is specified, the driver does not properly execute SQLTables requests, even when Use Null For Catalog Name is selected.
TDS-387 In some cases, when a query involves BINARY data, the driver's performance is decreased.
TDS-389 When the driver reads a CHAR(n) column that uses the KANJISJIS/UNICODE character set and the value contains only spaces, the driver hangs.
TDS-397 In some cases, when the AMPs (Access Module Processors) decline the FastExport protocol, the driver returns an error.
TDS-402 In some cases, when the driver uses the FastExport protocol to retrieve query results from a database that contains a large number of AMPs, the driver attempts to create more connections to the database than the database can handle, and hangs or terminates unexpectedly.
TDS-409 When the prepared statement "SELECT ? AS ID" is executed more than once, it returns random values for the ID column for the second and subsequent executions.
TDS-413 In some cases, when the driver uses the FastExport protocol to retrieve query results from a database, the driver is not able to report the correct database messages.
TDS-414 The driver incorrectly calculates the address of the next extension in a Statement Status parcel.
TDS-418 When the driver executes a MERGE INTO THEN DELETE query, and the result set is returned, SQLRowCount() returns the wrong result.
TDS-426 When SQLStatistics is called, and either the PAGES or CARDINALITY value exceeds 2147483647, the connector throws an overflow error.

This issue has been resolved. The connector now sets the PAGES or CARDINALITY value at exactly 2147483647 and returns SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO.

TDS-428 When Return Output Parameters As ResultSet is enabled and a stored procedure with no parameters is called, the connector does not return a result set.