17.10 - Teradata Call-Level Interface version 2 for Mainframe-Attached Systems - Teradata Tools and Utilities

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Teradata Tools and Utilities
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June 2021
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Teradata CLIv2 provides a library of routines that enable an application program to access data stored on the database.

Product Version Number

Teradata CLIv2 for Mainframe-Attached Systems 17.10


Teradata® Call-Level Interface Version 2 Reference for Mainframe-Attached Systems, B035-2417

Supporting Interfaces

The following interfaces are installed with Teradata CLIv2 for Mainframe-Attached Systems:
  • IBM CICS Interface for Teradata—The Teradata Client Interface supports IBM Customer Information Control System (CICS) Interface.
  • IBM IMS Interface for Teradata—The IBM Information Management System (IMS) Interface for Teradata allows IMS programs executing in an IMS BATCH, BMP (Batch Message Program), or MPP (Message Processing Program) region to access data from the database.
Supporting documentation follows:
  • IBM CICS Interface for Teradata® Reference, B035-2448

  • IBM IMS Interface for Teradata® Reference, (B035-2447)