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June 2020
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You can monitor and control dynamically the memory HSHSPBC allocates for CLI by entering the DMEM command transit without the SET option:

DMEM SET (name) SIZE (size) SIZE (size) MAX (max) MAX (max) HB01A008

The DMEM transaction (with no options) displays the current allocation of memory so that it can be changed, as required, and provides a map, DBCMAPM, displayed on the screen as follows:

where the following is true:

Heading Definition
SIZE Installation-specified buffer size
MIN This column is no longer meaningful, since free blocks are no longer pre-allocated.

Blocks are allocated by GETMAIN to satisfy application requests and then placed on the free chain when released.

MAX A block to be released that is placed on the free chain if the sum of the ALOC plus #FRE is less than MAX
#FRE Number of blocks currently on the free chain
ALOC Number of blocks currently in use by applications (not including #FRE)
GETM Number of getmains because of an empty free chain
USED Number of times control blocks were obtained, including getmain and successful use of free blocks
OVRC Number of over-allocations (requests assigned a larger buffer than required)
OVRK Over-allocated kilobytes; that is, the sum of the number of over-allocated bytes
>MAX Number of requests (with respect to the OVRC) and the number of requests (with respect to the OVRK) for buffers greater than the HSHSPBC-specified maximum