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June 2020
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A particular session can be logged off by entering the following command transid:

DLGF SES = sessnum , TDP = n xxxx HB01B005

where the following is true:

Syntax element... Is a...
sessnum decimal number that identifies the session to be logged off.
n digit (0 to 9).
xxxx four-character TDPID.

The sequence of events is as follows:

  1. The DLGF transaction logs off a session on the database.
  2. Uncommitted database changes are rolled back but DLGF does not terminate the CICS transaction or free any buffers or other storage associated with the transaction’s session.
  3. The next time the transaction attempts to access the database, the transaction is informed that the session no longer exists.
  4. The database session-related storage, which is associated with the transaction, is released only when the transaction is terminated.
  5. If more than one TDP is active and a particular TDP is identified, the session is logged off from that TDP.
  6. Although each session number within each TDP is unique, several TDPs may have sessions that have the same session numbers, causing a possible conflict during logoff.

    The TDPID resolves this ambiguity.

The session number arguments for all transactions changed to decimal (from hexadecimal) in release 3.1 of this interface.