16.10 - Synchronizing Resources for Non-2PC Applications - IBM CICS Interface for Teradata

IBM CICS Interface for Teradata Reference

IBM CICS Interface for Teradata
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May 2017
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Often CICS and Teradata resources need to be synchronized.

When they do, the applications programmer must use appropriate CICS facilities to synchronize updating multiple recoverable resources.

It is the application programmer’s responsibility to coordinate these updates.

Synchronization of these resources requires separate commands to CICS and to the Teradata Database as follows:
  • Whenever a program changes a database and modifies CICS resources for recovery.
  • When a program changes a database and specifies Dynamic Transaction Backout (DTB=YES).

Under these conditions, Teradata SQL statements to commit or roll back resources may be required.

Use the following CICS commands with the Teradata SQL statements to synchronize Teradata resources:

CICS Command Description
EXEC CICS RETURN Triggers a CICS synchronization point
EXEC CICS SYNCPOINT Triggers CICS to commit all changes completed to this point; insert at each logical completion point in the application
EXEC CICS SYNCPOINT ROLLBACK Backs out all changes to this point (use in case of error)
EXEC CICS ABEND Terminates program execution