16.10 - Accessing the CICS Interface - IBM CICS Interface for Teradata

IBM CICS Interface for Teradata Reference

IBM CICS Interface for Teradata
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May 2017
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To access the CICS Interface, link-edit the compiled modules with the CICS CLI stub and preprocessor stub.

The runtime code, which supports preprocessor programs executing in a CICS environment, recognizes the status of each conversation and maintains Teradata sessions across pseudo-conversational boundaries. When the pseudo-conversation ends, the runtime code releases all of the associated resources.

Communication between the preprocessor program and the CICS Interface occurs in the following manner:

  1. At compile time, the preprocessor replaces the preprocessor statements that are coded in the program with CALL statements.
  2. At link-edit time, stub routines with entry points matching those in the CALL statements are linked to the program.
  3. When the entry point in a stub routine is called at runtime, it passes control to appropriate CLIv1 or CLIv2 routine in the single shared copy of the runtime to handle the requested function.

    The runtime code handles all communication with the Teradata Database.

The sections that follow describe the use of COBOL application programs with Preprocessor1 and Preprocessor2.