17.00 - StatsV - Teradata Database

Teradata Vantageā„¢ - Data Dictionary

Advanced SQL Engine
Teradata Database
June 2020
Programming Reference

Category: Optimizer Statistics

Database: DBC

View Column Data Type Format Comment
DatabaseName VARCHAR(128) UNICODE NOT CASESPECIFIC NOT NULL X(128) The DatabaseName column is the name of the database in which the table resides.
TableName VARCHAR(128) UNICODE NOT CASESPECIFIC NOT NULL X(128) The TableName column is the name of the containing table.
ColumnName VARCHAR(10000) UNICODE NOT CASESPECIFIC X(10000) The ColumnName column identifies a column or columns.
FieldIdList VARCHAR(1000) LATIN UPPERCASE X(1000) The FieldIdList column identifies List of field ids on which statistics are collected separated by semicolon.
StatsName VARCHAR(128) UNICODE NOT CASESPECIFIC X(128) The StatsName column contains the alias name associated with the statistic
ExpressionCount SMALLINT ---,--9 The ExpressionCount column is Number of expressions statistics is collected on
StatsId INTEGER NOT NULL --,---,---,--9 The StatsId column is the Statistics identifier within each source.
StatsType CHAR(1) LATIN UPPERCASE NOT NULL X(1) The StatsType column is the statistics type. Possible values are T (Table), I (Join Index), N (Hash Index), V (View), Q (Query), L (Link Row).
StatsSource CHAR(1) LATIN UPPERCASE X(1) The StatsSource column records the method this statistic is acquired.
ValidStats CHAR(1) LATIN UPPERCASE X(1) The ValidStats column indicates whether the statistics are valid or not.
DBSVersion VARCHAR(32) LATIN UPPERCASE X(32) Returns the version of the database that contains the objects on which the statistics were collected.
IndexNumber SMALLINT ---,--9 The IndexNumber column is the Index number of the index on which statistics are collected.
SampleSignature VARCHAR(256) LATIN NOT CASESPECIFIC X(256) The SampleSignature column is the Sample options encoded as a 10 character signature.
SampleSizePct DECIMAL(5,2) ----.99 The SampleSizePct column is the Sample size percent used when collecting statistics.
ThresholdSignature VARCHAR(512) LATIN NOT CASESPECIFIC X(512) The ThresholdSignature column is the Threshold options encoded as a 17 character signature.
MaxIntervals SMALLINT ---,--9 The MaxIntervals column is the User-specified maximum number of intervals.
MaxValueLength INTEGER --,---,---,--9 The MaxValueLength column is the User-specified maximum value length.
RowCount FLOAT ----,---,---,---,--9 The RowCount column is the row count of the table, view or query on which statistics are collected.
UniqueValueCount FLOAT ----,---,---,---,--9 The UniqueValueCount column is the Number of unique values of the ExpressionList.
PNullUniqueValueCount FLOAT ----,---,---,---,--9 The PNullUniqueValueCount column is the Number of unique values from rows with partial nulls.
NullCount FLOAT ----,---,---,---,--9 The NullCount column is the Number of nulls of the ExpressionList.
AllNullCount FLOAT ----,---,---,---,--9 The AllNullCount column is the Number of all nulls of the ExpressionList.
HighModeFreq FLOAT ----,---,---,---,--9 The HighModeFreq column is the highest frequency of values of the ExpressionList.
PNullHighModeFreq FLOAT ----,---,---,---,--9 The PNullHighModeFreq column is the highest frequency of values having partial nulls of the ExpressionList.
StatsSkipCount INTEGER --,---,---,--9 The StatsSkipCount column indicates how many times the statistics collection on the ExpressionList has been skipped.
CreateTimeStamp TIMESTAMP(0) YYYY-MM-DDBHH:MI:SS The CreateTimeStamp column is the statistics creation time stamp.
LastCollectTimeStamp TIMESTAMP(0) YYYY-MM-DDBHH:MI:SS The LastCollectTimeStamp column is the Last statistics collection time stamp.
LastAlterTimeStamp TIMESTAMP(0) YYYY-MM-DDBHH:MI:SS The LastAlterTimeStamp column is the last user updated time stamp.
BLCCompRatio INTEGER --,---,---,--9 The estimated space savings percentage for primary subtable of manually compressed BLC tables.
AvgRowSize FLOAT ----,---,---,---,--9 The AvgRowSize column is the average row size of an object on which statistics are collected.
BLCCompFactor FLOAT ----,---,---,---,--9 The estimated block compression factor for the entire table. This is used for calculating the Customer Data Space (CDS).