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June 2020
Programming Reference

The QryLogFeatureUseJSON view returns a list of features used in JSON format.

QryLogFeatureUseJSON provides a view into the FeatureUsage column of DBQLogTbl. This view uses the system function TD_SYSFNLIB.TD_DBQLFUL to convert the FeatureUsage bitmap column into a JSON document with a list of features used by particular requests. The names of the used features are shown in JSON format. For details on the system function TD_SYSFNLIB.TD_DBQLFUL, see Teradata Vantageā„¢ SQL Operators and User-Defined Functions, B035-1210.

Referenced Columns

Many of the Data Dictionary view columns have referenced table columns. That is, the value in the view column corresponds to a value in the selected column referenced in the table. It would be meaningful to join the view and the referenced table based on the selected column and the referenced column.

Referenced columns for this view are:

View Column Description
QueryID QueryID is a system-wide unique field; You can use QueryID to join DBQL tables or the DBC.TdwmExceptionLog table with DBQL tables without needing ProcID as an additional join field.