17.00 - Usage Notes - Teradata Database

Teradata Vantage™ - Data Dictionary

Advanced SQL Engine
Teradata Database
June 2020
Programming Reference

Information about current session pools, which are a collection of sessions that are logged on to the database under the same logonid, may be accessed by entering the DISPLAY POOL command. For more information on DISPLAY POOL, see Teradata® Director Program Reference, B035-2416.


Teradata recommends using alternative columns instead of the LogonSource column, if available. For information about the recommended columns for LogonSource, see "LogonSource Column Fields and Examples."

Possible Values for ClientConnectionType

Value Description
1 Client is connected using TCP/IP via the gateway.
2 Client is connected from a mainframe via a mainframe-attached host.

Possible Values for CurrentCollation

Value Description
H Host
M Multinational
C CharSet_Coll
J JIS_Coll

Possible Values for DirUserNetConfidentiality, UnityNetConfidentiality, EffectiveSessionNetConf

When these columns are set to I or C it indicates the level of protection required.

Value Description
I Indicates the level of protection required for Integrity, which is obtained by lookup in the LDAP directory used for security policy. The levels are: Default (D), Low (L), Medium (M), and High (H).
C Indicates the level of protection required for Confidentiality, which is obtained by lookup in the LDAP directory used for security policy. The levels are: Default (D), Low (L), Medium (M), and High (H).

Possible Values for ExpiredPassword

Value Description
Y Yes, by Session Control procedures
N No, by the Parser when a new password is assigned to the user

Possible Values for LogonRedrive

Value Description
' ' Not participating
MEMORY NON-FALLBACK RESPONSES Memory-based Redrive participation
NULL or blanks Session is not participating in Redrive and database restarts will not be transparent to applications and users.

Possible Values for LoadingOp

Value Description
T Session isolated loading is enabled. This is the default setting for a session.
F Session isolated loading is disabled.

Possible Values for Partition

Value Description
7 Console Utility Partition number
8 Partition in which DBC console procedures will be started by the Host utility
9 File System Partition number
10 Gateway partition number
11 Worker Task Partition number
12 Session Control Partition number
13 Dispatcher Partition number
14 Parser Partition number
15 Startup Partition number
17 Resource Sampling Subsystem (RSS) StartUp Partition number
18 Distributed Database File (DDF) Server Partition number
19 Relay Services Gateway (RSG) Partition number
47 Replication Gateway rsgdbsmain partition number

Possible Values for ProxyLogon

Value Description
T The ProxyLogon column indicates if Unity has logged a user onto a TD2 session using existing credentials, when that user was successfully logged on by another Unity-managed Vantage system using TD2. When this occurs, ProxyLogon is set to T.
F False indicates the TD2 session logged on or attempted to log on with a valid password.

Possible Values for TTGranularity

Value Description
LOGICALROW Row is timestamped with the time the row is processed by the AMP.
REQUEST Row is timestamped with the time the request is submitted.
TRANSACTION Row is timestamped with the time when the first non-locking reference is made to a temporal table, or when the built-in function TEMPORAL_TIMESTAMP is first accessed during the transaction.

Possible Values for UnicodePassThrough

Value Description
S UNICODE PASS THROUGH session attribute is enabled.
F UNICODE PASS THROUGH session attribute is not enabled.