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The purpose of site environmental control is to meet the following specifications to prepare for equipment placement, floor layout, and airflow delivery requirements, as follows:
Requirement Operational Storage Transit

(Up to 1 Week)

Temperature (dry bulb) a Allowable b: 15° to 32°C (59° to 90°F)

Recommended c: 18° to 27°C (64.8° to 80.6°F)

5° to 45°C

(41° to 113°F)

-40° to 60°C

(-40° to 140°F)

Moisture Allowable:

20% to 80% (Relative humidity non-condensing)

Recommended c:

Low-end moisture: 5.5°C DP (41.9°F DP)

High-end moisture: 60% RH and 15°C DP (59°F DP)

8% to 80%


5% to 95%
Maximum dew point 17°C (62°F) 27°C (80°F)  
Maximum altitude b 3050 m (10,000 ft)    
Gaseous and Particulate Contamination Gaseous contamination: Copper reactivity rate less than 300 Å/month. Silver reactivity rate less than 200 Å/month

Particulate contamination: ISO 14644-1 Class 8 (Data center air continuously filtered by MERV 8 filters and air entering the data center filtered by MERV 11 or, preferably, MERV 13 filters)

See Operational information  
Vibration limit Operational vibration depends on the type of component in the cabinet. The operational vibration limit for a typical node is 0.26G (rms) at 10-500 Hz. The operational vibration limit for a typical disk component is 0.28G (rms) at 5-500 Hz    
Static discharge limit 4000 V direct discharge, 8000 V air discharge    
a Operating temperature and moisture level are measured at individual chassis inlet.

b Due to lower air density at higher altitudes, the maximum dry bulb operating temperature is derated linearly by a value of 3.3° C per 1000 m (1.8° F per 1000 ft) between the altitude of 900 m (2952 ft) and 3050 m (10,000 ft).

c The allowable environmental envelope is a statement of functionality of the equipment. The recommended environmental envelope is a statement of reliability. Operating equipment near the allowable limits for long periods of time could result in increased reliability issues.