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Multiple cabinet configurations require the cabinets to be connected to each other side by side (ganged). Hex spacers, located between the cabinets, front and rear, are used to gang the cabinets.
Teradata recommends all four corners of ganged cabinets be secured with hex spacers. The cabinets need to be secure at the top and bottom of both the front and rear.

Actual cabinet width is 61 cm (24 in.) without side panels. To ensure exact alignment for ganged cabinets, use the exact width when drawing up floor plans and cutting floor tiles.

Cabinets must be ganged before installing seismic bracing.

Ganging to legacy cabinets is not supported. Teradata recommends that ganged legacy cabinets be spaced one floor tile (24 in.) from current system.

  1. Remove side panels on the sides that will be ganged.
  2. Remove the doors.
  3. Align the cutouts on the outer edge of the frame of one cabinet with the cutouts on the adjacent cabinet.
    You will install a minimum of four hex spacers, one at each corner of the cabinet.
  4. Remove the six hex spacers, twelve screws, and twelve flat washers from their bag.
  5. Insert the hex spacer between the cabinets in the cutout provided in one of the corners of the cabinet.
    You may need a pair of pliers or a wrench to hold the spacer in place.
  6. Insert one screw and washer through the cabinet and into the open end of the hex spacer.
    Inserting the Hex Spacers

  7. On the opposite side, insert the second screw and washer through the cabinet and into the hex spacer.
  8. Hold the hex spacer with a wrench or pliers, and tighten the screws until the cabinet frames come together.
    Tightening the Hex Spacers

  9. Repeat for the remaining three frame corners.
  10. Replace the doors.