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Teradata AsterĀ® Analytics Release NotesUpdate 3

Aster Analytics
December 2017
Release Notes

The Teradata Aster release naming convention is:

  • AD: Aster Database
  • AX: Aster Execution Engine
  • AC: Aster Client
  • AA: Aster Analytics

A release number has the format XX.YY.ZZ.nn, where:

  • XX is a major release.

    Major releases of Aster typically introduce new features.

  • YY is a minor release.

    Minor releases of Aster typically provide feature enhancements and bug fixes. A minor release may also introduce new features.

  • ZZ is a maintenance release.

    Maintenance releases of Aster typically provide only bug fixes. They may also include feature enhancements.

  • nn is an efix or hotpatch.

    Efixes and hotpatches address urgent customer issues.